DLSA Ganderbal observes International Labour Day at Manasbal, Ganderbal

Ganderbal, May 1: The District Legal Services Authority, (DLSA) Ganderbal today observed “International Labour Day” at Manasbal, Ganderbal.

The programme was held under the supervision of Chairman DLSA Ganderbal, Ritesh Kumar Dubey and under the guidance of Secretary DLSA Ganderbal, Nusrat Ali Hakak.

The event was attended by Nusrat Ali Hakak, Secretary/Sub-Judge DLSA Ganderbal, Mushtaq Ahmad, Labour Officer and Nazir Ahmad, Labour inspector, from the Department of Labour, Ganderbal, Officials from Department of Tourism, Officials and PLVs of District Legal Services Authority, Ganderbal, and by a large number of labourers from the surrounding areas.

The participants were provided with an opportunity to share their views, concerns and raise questions with the officers/ officials present, who were there to listen and help them in any ways possible.

Labourers also filed applications through PLVs of DLSA, Ganderbal on spot depicting their various concerns and issues.

Secretary DLSA Ganderbal, while speaking on the occasion, highlighted the need to ensure that the labourers were protected from any form of exploitation and were provided with necessary benefits, including financial assistance and medical aid, etc, as envisaged under rules and labour laws.

“We are pleased to celebrate the International Labour Day with our workers who are the backbone of the economy,” said the Labour Officer and Labour Inspector, from the Labour Department. “It is essential to hear their grievances and provide necessary solutions to improve their working conditions.”

Ex. Engineer from Manasbal Development Authority emphasized the importance of improving working conditions for the labourers and ensuring their fair treatment in the workplace.

He also appreciated the dedication and hard work of the workers to the development of the local community.

Speaking at the event, Advocate Asif Mustafa (Assistant Legal Aid Defence Counsel) said that the aim of this event is to highlight the importance of worker’s rights and the need for employers to provide a safe and fair working environment for them.

We are delighted with the turnout, and we hope that today’s event serves as a strong message to all employers that the well-being of their workers is their top priority, he added.

The event provided a platform for the labourers to come forward and express their issues to the officials, who were present on spot, and take necessary actions for their betterment.

Several workers shared their experiences and highlighted the challenges they faced on a daily basis. Officers/ Officials who were present patiently listened to each of them and took note of their grievances.

The officers promised to take necessary actions to ensure that the workers’ rights are protected and that they are provided with a safe and fair working environment.

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