Send your ED, IT, CBI & NCB officers to Kashmir to fight terrorists: Raut tells Centre

Send your ED, IT, CBI & NCB officers to Kashmir to fight terrorists: Raut tells Centre

Mumbai, Oct 18 (UNI) Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on Monday slammed the central

government over the targeted killing of Bihar labourers in Jammu and Kashmir by the terrorists and mocked the Centre for unleashing its agencies on state governments ruled by non-BJP parties.

Lashing out at the central government, Raut said they should send their brave Enforcement Director, CBI, IT and NCB officers at the border to defend the nation, instead of harassing state government officials.

Raut told the media here: “The Union Home Ministry should tell the nation what is going on in the Valley after lifting of Article 370. Killings of Bihar labourers, Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs in Kashir Valley is a matter of serious concern.”

Raut mocked the Centre: “The government said we will do surgical strike on Pakistan. Why is it silent on China, why do they not say they will do surgical strike on China. What is the situation on border area of Arunachal Pradesh.”

Replying to a query, the Sena MP said: “We have been demanding complete stop of any kind of relation with Pakistan be it social, trade, economy and other, for the longest time.

“We do not want any relationship with Pakistan. Not only that we do not want to play cricket with Pakistan, but on all fronts complete disconnect is what we ask for.”

“After abrogation of Article 370, truth did not come out. Media was controlled by the government, opposition leaders were put under house arrest by the authority, so, what is the actual picture in the Valley cannot be understood. The Government should tell the nation what is it that is happening Kashmir,” he said.

He appealed to all Maharashtra ministers instead of sitting on their chair, “speak about the allegation levelled against you by opposition party. In a bid to maintain the image of state all minister should be vocal”, he said.


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