Retd SC judge to investigate lawyer’s claim reg CJI case

New Delhi,  :  Supreme Court in its order on Thursday appointed a committee headed by retired SC judge AK Patnaik to conduct an investigation into the claim of a lawyer, Utsav Bains, that CJI has been framed in a false case of sexual harassment by fixers and court staff.
“Justice (retired) AK Patnaik is appointed and to inquire the allegations of Utsav Bains,” the top court headed by Justice Arun Mishra said in the order.
SC also directed Advocate Utsav Bains to furnish all material and evidence before the committee on the alleged involvement of fixers and a corporate person in influencing court proceedings.
The apex court asked the CBI Director and Delhi Police and IB Chief to co-operate in the probe.
Earlier, the SC had reserved its order till 1400 hrs on allegations by Mr Bains that there was a conspiracy to frame Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on sexual harassment charges.
Lawyer Bains has alleged that he was offered a hefty amount to help frame such allegations against the CJI.
‘We cannot be remote controlled by any force. We are anguished. This institution will not survive, if such kind of allegations are there,’ Justice Mishra added.
The court heard the arguments from AG, on if Bains can selectively disclose details to SC in a case of this magnitude. The AG told the SC that court has the power to summon documents.
Justice Mishra raised concern over the way this institution was being treated for the last three to four years.
Last week, a junior court assistant had sent written complaints to 22 judges alleging that she was sexually harassed by Chief Justice Gogoi in October, 2018.


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