In Jail, Er Rasheed called his victory as People’s Victory

Srinagar: Jailed winning candidate of Baramulla Constituency Engineer Rasheed has termed his victory as People’s Victory and thanked the people of North Kashmir for coming out in large numbers in his support.

He has made these remarks during his meeting with his lawyer,

He has assured people of J&K that he would continue to represent the masses, who have been suffering at all fronts since decades, his lawyer was quoted him saying.

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“Let the Government and everyone understand the difference between the silence of the graveyard and the real peace . The result is an opportunity to introspect and revisit the policy of controlling J&K through remote control and accept the ground realities. Let the people of India be assured that Kashmiris are not enemies of India nor are people proxies of any other country, but by creating false and fake narratives they are being portrayed as villains which is unacceptable,” he reportedly told his Lawyer.

According to the Lawyer, Er Rashid cautioned Kashmiris against the forces who are after power without considering its cost to the people of J&K.

He also said AIP is committed to unite Kashmiris and forget the bitterness with all its political rivals as the party wants to unite Kashmiris to take them out of a sense of defeat .
Kashmiris deserve to be listened to at all levels by other stakeholders not as beggars but as citizens and main stakeholders of the J&K, he added.

“Let us all forget our personal egos and understand that sufferings and aspirations of Kashmiris are much bigger than our personal agendas,” Lawyer also quoted him as saying in jail during their meeting in Tihar Jail.

Notably Engineer Rasheed has submitted his application for bail in a Delhi court for taking oath as Parliament member after winning Baramulla Constituency with huge margin.

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