Embrace  Piety and Virtue: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq delivers sermon at Jama Masjid

Srinagar : Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Dr. Moulvi Muhammad Umar Farooq conveyed to Muslims the significance of Ramadan as a pivotal period for fostering piety, self-discipline, and moral excellence. He encouraged the faithful to view Ramadan as a divine gift, urging them to deepen their connection with Allah throughout this hallowed time.
Delivering a sermon at the historic Central Jama Masjid Srinagar, on the occasion of the 11th Ramadan and the month’s second Friday, Mirwaiz addressed a large assembly of worshippers who braved inclement weather to attend. He described Ramadan as a period showered with blessings and divine mercy, encouraging all to embrace the month’s spiritual benefits through faith and devotion.
Highlighting the essence of fasting beyond mere physical abstention, Mirwaiz underscored the importance of eschewing sins and embodying righteousness as dictated by the Qur’an and Hadith. He stressed the holistic observance of Allah’s commands and avoidance of prohibitions, which transforms individuals into devout, mindful, and grateful believers, enriched with faith and trust.
Furthermore, Mirwaiz advocated for the support of the underprivileged during Ramadan, emphasizing that aiding those in need amplifies the virtues of this sacred month.

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