Crime Branch J&K, ANTF organise awareness program on drug abuse at Amar Singh college


Srinagar: The Crime Branch J&K/ ANTF J&K organized a pivotal awareness event on drug abuse at Amar Singh College, Srinagar. Students and teaching staff actively participated in the event, showcasing a collective effort towards combating the menace of drug abuse in the Kashmir Valley.

Distinguished guests present at the event included SSP Anti Narcotic Task Force, Raj Kumar, Vice Principal Amar Singh College Prof. Nayeem Ahmad KhaN, DSP ANTF, Nisar Bakshi and incharge Drug De Addiction Center, Dr. Muzafar Khan, CEO KRSF, Nasir Ali Khan and Atia Faheem Khan IMHANS.

The event served as a platform for fostering awareness and understanding about the repercussions of drug abuse, emphasizing the role of education and community engagement in building a drug-free society. The presence of key figures from law enforcement, healthcare, and social organizations highlighted the collaborative approach required to address this critical issue.

The Crime Branch J&K/ANTF J&K expresses gratitude to all participants and stakeholders for their commitment to creating a safer and healthier Kashmir Valley.

“Addressing drug abuse is not just a duty; it’s a shared responsibility that demands our collective commitment. By raising awareness and fostering collaboration, we pave the way for a resilient, drug-free Kashmir Valley,”  said SSP ANTF J&K, Raj Kumar.

“In educating our youth about the perils of drug abuse, we empower them to make choices that shape a future of strength and resilience. Knowledge is our most potent weapon against the shadows of addiction.” Said, Prof. Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Vice Principal, Amar Singh College.

“Breaking free from the chains of addiction requires not just treatment but understanding and support. Together, we can heal the wounds of drug abuse and build a community that thrives on compassion and recovery.” Said, Dr. Muzafar Khan, Incharge Drug De Addiction Center.

“Within the walls of education, we find the foundation for a drug-free tomorrow. Let knowledge be the guiding light that illuminates the path towards a healthier, happier society.” Said, Dr. Atia Faheem Khan.

“In the fight against drug abuse, every voice matters, and every effort counts. Together, let us sow the seeds of awareness and nurture a future where our communities thrive, free from the grip of addiction.” Said, Nasir Ali Khan, CEO KRSF.

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