Status  Of  Women In Islam !

By Syed Suhail Geelani 

The Status Of Women In The Religion Of Islam Is Indeed A Topic Of Great Importance. Islam Places Great Emphasis On The Honor, The Protection, The Love, The Position, And The Rights Of Women. It Recognizes The Intrinsic Value Of Women And Creates A System That Respects Their Dignity And Welfare. Before Islam, Women Were Considered Slaves With No Rights, Dignity, Or Position. However, The Begining  And Spread Of Islam Led To The Breaking Of The Idols Of The Age Of Ignorance, Bringing People Out Of Darkness, Educating Them properly, And Bringing Them Back To Humanity.

In The Era Of Jahiliyah,The Practice Of Burying Daughters Alive Was Sadly Prevalent .However, With The Light Of Islam, This Barbaric Practice Was Abolished And The Right To Live Was Granted To All Children, Regardless Of Their Gender. Allah Says In The Quran Whenever One Of Them Is Informed About The Birth Of A Female, His Face Grows Gloomy, As He Suppresses His Rage.{Surah-An-Nahal Verse 58 } It Has Also Been Recorded That When A Men’s Wife Showed Signs Of Maternity, He Would Stay Hidden Until The Child Was Born. If It Was A Son, He Would Be Overjoyed And Proudly Show Himself To His Community. But If It Was A Daughter, He Would Feel Saddened And Ashamed, Avoiding People For Days. Moreover Daughters Were Considered Unlucky And Burdened. However, Islam Changed This Perception, Making Daughters A Source Of Luck And Blessings.
The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)  Taught That Those Who Did Not Engage In The Practice Of Burying Daughters Alive And Nor Treated Them As A Disgrace, Will Be Rewarded With Admission To Paradise By Allah.
Islam Recognises The Nature And Inherent Qualities Of Women And Considers Them Equal To Men In Terms Of Rights. In Fact, Islam Gives Special Importance To Women, Especially As Mothers, In Every Relationship. Women Have Been Entrusted With The Crucial Responsibility Of Nurturing And Shaping Future Generations. It’s Essential For  A Women To Reflect On This And Understand The Impact Their Actions And Attitude Can Have On The Well-being Of An Entire Generation. Making Wise Choices And Embodying Positive Values Is Key To Ensuring A Bright Future For All.

To Ensure The Good Of This World And The Hereafter, Muslim Women Should Value Their Religion ,Understand Their Responsibilities And Walk On The Right Path.

May Allah Guide And Bless All  Women On Their Journey!

The Author is A Resident Of Rajpora Village Of Handwara , Pursuing Masters in Geology At University Of Kashmir. He Can be reached at [email protected]

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinion of the author.

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