Urs of Makhdoom Sahib celebrated in Kashmir

Srinagar: Hundreds of devotees thronged Makhdoom Sahib shrine in Srinagar on Monday on the occasion of annual Urs of revered Sufi saint, Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Sahib (RA).

Men, women and children were seen riding stairs from the Nowhatta and Rainawari Gurudwara side of the shrine to pay obeisance at the revered shrine.

Last night, devotees were engrossed in ‘Shab Khwani’ (nightlong prayers), which are held one night before the Urs, at the shrine.

The authorities had made elaborate arrangements for the devotees on the occasion.

The Sufi saint, who is popularly known as Makhdoom Sahib and Sultan-ul-Arifeen, is the most venerated sage of Srinagar and his followers, Muslims and non-Muslims, have been paying obeisance at the shrine for nearly 500 years now.

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