Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari lashes out at Kashmir’s political dynasties for their deceptive politics

Urges people to electorally defeat traditional parties to end decades-long exploitation

Srinagar: Apni Party President, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, on Thursday, accused Kashmir’s political dynasties and the Congress party of deceiving the people of J&K for decades through their deceptive politics. He called on the people to reject the traditional politicians and their parties in the upcoming electoral processes to put an end to over seven decades of exploitation.

Apni Party president was addressing the party’s workers’ convention at Verinag in South Kashmir, today. On this occasion, several political activists from the area formally joined Apni Party.

Taking a dig at the conventional political parties, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said that these parties have consistently deceived the people of Jammu and Kashmir through their political maneuvering and deceptive politics.

He said, “Firstly, let’s take a look at the Congress party’s role in J&K. History bears witness to the fact that the Congress party, which portrays itself as the well-wisher of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, has spared no effort to damage the interests of this region and its people over the past seven decades. It orchestrated the arrest of J&K’s Prime Minister through a police sub-inspector in 1953 and subsequently reinstated the deposed Prime Minister as Chief Minister in 1975, a move that eroded the sanctity of the highest office and downgraded the region’s constitutional status. Again, in 1983, the same Congress party removed the NC government. A few years later, in 1987, Congress joined hands with the same NC to rig the elections. This event eventually triggered a protracted phase of violence that led to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of young people, who either ended up in graveyards or in jails.”

“However, Congress could only engage in such political maneuvering and tactics with the support of traditional political parties, especially the National Conference, and their leaders.” He added.

He harshly criticized the NC for its political deceptions and said, “NC has always befooled people with its deceptive political narratives in order to attain power and remain in power.”

He went on to elaborate it, “NC has always misled the people with its deceitful narratives and emotionally charged slogans in its quest for power. Firstly, its leader acceded to the country and seized power. After his ouster, his party launched a so-called ‘plebiscite movement’ to exploit public emotions. However, after 22 years, when the same party was offered power again, it abandoned its movement, claiming that the so-called movement was nothing more than ‘awaragardi’ (aimless wandering). Its political gimmickry did not stop there but continued with slogans of ‘autonomy’ and so on. The party even attempted to convince people that it was protecting Article 370. However, now that this article has been abrogated, the same party and its leaders are trying to deceive the public by claiming that they will undo this abrogation. In reality, their sole objective is to attain power by using these deceptive slogans to secure votes from the public.”

“Ironically, the NC is now joining hands with the Congress, whose leaders it had previously derogatorily referred to as ‘Gandi Nali Kay Keeday’ (cockroaches from the sewer); this exemplifies how the party changes its stance in the quest for power.” He added.

Grilling the PDP over its dubious role, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, “PDP was established with the claim that it would end the NC’s family role in Jammu and Kashmir, but, eventually, its leaders imposed their own family’s role here.”

“In 2014, PDP sought votes from people claiming that it would keep BJP at bay in J&K, but soon after the elections, it joined hands with the same BJP, insulting the public mandate.” He added.

Apni Party President urged people to reject these political parties in the upcoming elections to put an end to their exploitation. He said, ‘It is your responsibility to tell these political exploiters that enough is enough. You must reject their deceptions through your votes.”

He pledged that Apni Party, if gets the mandate in the coming elections, will ensure the socio-political empowerment of the people of J&K.  He said, “We do not believe in raising emotionally charged slogans and making false promises. We believe in the politics of truthfulness and transparency. Our agenda is crystal clear and unambiguous. We are here to ensure sustainable peace, progress, and prosperity in J&K and the socio-political empowerment of its people.”

The prominent party leaders who were present on the occasion included Rafi Ahmad Mir, Hilal Ahmad Shah, Abdul Rahim Rather, Tariq Shah Veeri, Choudhary Hamid, Nazid Dialgami, Mohammad Ashraf, Bashir Ahmad Bragami, Farooq Ahmad Badasgami, Reyaz Ahmad, Mohammad Akhter, Nazir Ahmad, Master Ghulam Nabi, Hilal Ahmad, Mohammad Asif Khan, Manzoor Ahmad Wani, Shakeel Ahmad Sheikh, Salman Infas, Fayaz Ahmad Qadri, Ghulam Nabi Gannai, and others.

The political workers from the area who joined the party today in the presence of the party president included Mohammad Jabbar Dar, Hakura; Bashir Ahmad Khanday, Shangran; Abdul Rehman Ganai, Shangran;  Sabzar Ahmad, Shupora Larkipora; Ali Mohammad Sheikh, Shistergam; Manzoor Ahmad, Badsgam; Gull Mohammad Badsgam; Bashir Ahmad, Koot; Ali Mohammad Shah, Shishtaram; Nazir Ahmad Chopan, Heeward; Ghulam Qadir, Heeward; Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, Khalhaar; Fayaz Ahmad, Khalhaar; Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, Nagam Hangalgund; Mohammad Shabaan Dar, Mohipora; Hilal Ahmad Lone, Shangas; and others.

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