Both names are in the Constitution, No need to remove India; Omar Abdullah on Bharat-India row


Pulwama, Sept  6 : Former Chief Minister J&K Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said both India and Bharat are mentioned in our Constitution and every individual should be free to use anyone.

“Both names – India and Bharat – are mentioned in our Constitution. Our Prime Minister today flew to Indonesia and the plane in which he travelled was mentioned both with India and Bharat. If our PM does not want to use India, he can opt Bharat, but that doesn’t mean Indian name should be removed from our Constitution,” Omar Abdullah as per KNS said while talking to reporters in southern Pulwama.

Omar Abdullah said “If there is a motive behind that opposition bloc has named its amalgam as INDIA, then we will change our name and move to some other one. There is no need to change the India name from our Constitution”.

On One Nation, One Election issue, the former CM J&K Omar Abdullah said if there is aim behind to smoothen the electoral process then there should be no problem to anyone. “If there is an aim behind to erase regional political parties then we will resist the move,” he said.

“We are against if it affects country’s federal structure. We will discuss the matter in the Parliament whenever it will be brought in there,” Omar held.

On allocation of Plough symbol to NC in Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) polls by the Supreme Court, Omar responded that ” I’m thankful to SC for delivering justice. I also extend my greetings to Advocate Shariq Riyaz and his associated team of lawyers who fought our case initially at High Court J&K and later on in the Supreme Court. Finally we got success there too. Ladakh administration have been penalised as it wasted much of our time”.


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