BY: Kafeela Hilal Farooqi

Corruption refers to a form of criminal activity and dishonesty. It refers to an evil act by an individual or a group. when a person in authority carries out his activity for personal benefits. It is normally done by society in order to acquire abuse power for once’s personal gain.

Corruption indicates that the structure of govt. does not channel private interests effectively. I believe that if we put fingers against it. Then we can stop corruption. People are indulging in this illegal work because of their financial problems or bad conditions of life.

In the universe no one take birth to do such type of bad activities. However, people suffering from any disease etc should keep patience and never do anything bad in life. One negative step can harm the life of many people.

People are giving bribes to their officers to speed up their work. A bribe can be in the form of money or gifts. Corruption is an illegal thing that we should not do because without corruption we can be a good generation for our country and then we can make our country free and clear from corruption and can make our country better and beautiful.

The greediness of people is the main cause of corruption. It is crime and everyone should take proper steps in fighting against it. A great tool in fighting corruption is the right to information of every level.

Writer is Class 10th  Student of Kirmania Modal High School Batwina Ganderbal

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