Protestors set Australia’s old Parliament ablaze

Canberra, Dec 30 : The old parliament building in Australia’s capital Canberra was on Thursday set ablaze by protesters during a demonstration for Aboriginal sovereignty, police said.

No causalities have been caused by the incident.

The indigenous people have been staging protest for past 14 days in the lead-up to the 50th anniversary of the formation of Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the old Parliament’s front lawns.

According to BBC report, the tent embassy was a protest occupation site that launched national discussion about indigenous land rights.

Condemning the violence, Prime Minister of the country Scott Morrison said, “This is not how Australia works. I am disgusted and appalled by behaviour that would see Australians come and set fire to such a symbol of democracy in this country.”

“Setting fire to a building is not a lawful protest, it is a crime and a serious one,” tweeted the deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce.


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