JMC retrieves encroached land at Rehari Chungi

JAMMU, JUNE 04: In a bid to retrieve encroached land in Jammu City, a drive was today conducted by Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) here at Rehari Chungi, under the guidance of JMC Commissioner.

During the drive, prime land worth crores was retrieved at Rehari Chungi under Khasra No. 77/1 Min falling under Revenue Village Jammu Khas, which was given to JMC by Nazool Department for the utilization of land for public purpose/ beautification.

The encroacher was given ample opportunity to remove the encroachment from the site but after repeated notices the encroacher failed to remove the encroachment from the site and accordingly JMC removed the encroachment from the site and retrieved its prime land from the encroacher.

The JMC has requested the Public not to encroach upon the Govt./ Public land since it is being used for the welfare of the General Public.

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