22 Maharashtra Covid Patients Dead As Tanker Leak Disrupts Oxygen Supply

New Delhi: Twenty-two COVID-19 patients died in Maharashtra’s Nashik today after an oxygen tanker leaked outside a hospital, disrupting supply to patients for around 30 minutes.

“As per current information, 22 people have died due to the interrupted supply of oxygen at the Zakir Hussain municipal hospital,” district collector Suraj Mandhare told NDTV.

All the victims were on ventilators and in need of constant oxygen supply. Zakir Hussain Hospital is a Covid-dedicated facility. Around 150 patients were either oxygen-dependent or on ventilators.

Visuals showed gas leaking from the tanker outside the hospital and dense white fumes covering the area rapidly.

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope promised the government will look into the matter and conduct a thorough probe.

“As per the information available with us, patients who were on ventilators at the hospital in Nashik have died. The leakage was spotted at the oxygen tank which was supplying oxygen to these patients. The interrupted supply could be linked to the deaths of the patients in the hospital,” Mr Tope said.

“We will issue a statement later after the investigation is over,” he added.
Panic struck patients and their family members as the oxygen supply was stopped. Heart wrenching visuals showed families trying to help the patients as they gasped for breath.

Fire trucks were rushed to the spot to stop the leak. Videos showed water sprayed to control the leak; the firefighting team also wore protective gear.(Courtesy NDVT)

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