AAP files complaint against ‘Namo TV’ to ECI

New Delhi, Apr 1: The Aam Aadmi Party on Monday filed a complaint against ‘Namo TV’ to Election Commission of India (ECI), and questioned that can permission be granted to a party to have their own TV channel even after Model Code of Conduct (MCC) is enforced.
In a complaint to EC, the AAP said,’Supreme Court in it’s various judgements held that there has to be a ‘level playing field’ for all the political parties and the Commission is entrusted with the duty to maintain the same among all the parties.The intention behind these judicial precedents is to have equal oppurtunities to political parties irrespective of money amd muscle power so that all political parties can reach out to voters.’
‘But defying this very cardinal principle BJP has launched a 24 hrs channel ‘Namo TV’,’ the AAP said.
‘It is agreed that they have money and can have own channel but the question arises who will monitor the contents of the telecast? Did BJP approach the media certification committee established to certify the contents of the telecast and cost of the telecast? If not why show cause not issued for the violation of MCC?’ the party said.
The AAP also asked if no permission is sought by ECI then what action has been taken in this regard.
‘We expect the commission to address the issues as early as possible,’ the party added.

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