India has no fight with people of Pakistan, all fight is against terrorism: PM Modi

New Delhi, Mar 29 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said India has no quarrel against the people of Pakistan and maintained that the country’s fight is against terrorism.
In an interview with ‘Republic Bharat’, Mr Modi said as far as India is concerned, Pakistan has no option other than fight against terrorism and take verifiable actions.
“Hamari Pakistan ke janta ke saath kahbhi jhagra nahi tha, aaj bhi nahi hae (We have no quarrel with the people of Pakistan, we do not have today also),” Mr Modi said.
“We gave all lists, tapes etc on 26/1, they can take actions against the perpetrators and send them to us, we will initiate legal steps. Jaish-e-Mohammad has said it clearly, yes, we have done it and even then you (Pakistan) don’t action,” Prime Minister said.
“Pakistan has always assured after every terrorist actions, that they will take decisive action, but they don’t. I do not want to fall into their trap now,” he said.
Prime Minister lamented that his detractors see statesmanship in Pakistan PM’s statements and they doubt their own Prime Minister.
“The people should recognise these people,” he said.
To a question, he said, “No one in this country can doubt Narendra Modi’s patriotism. No one can question it”.
Lashing out at Congress, he said for all the past Congress governments, the defence deals used to be like ATMs.
“They cannot imagine that defence deals can be done with transparency,” he said.
Prime Minister said his government will work on defence deals at the level of government-to-government pacts so that there is transparency.

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