Article 35A is a bridge between India and Kashmir which can’t be dismantled

New Delhi, Feb 25, : Civil society member and Awami National Conference senior leader Muzaffar Ahmed Shah who is camping in New Delhi along with a battery of lawyers to safeguard Article 35 A Monday said that this article is non-negotiable and can’t be tampered with. He described Article 35A as a “non-negotiable article of faith” for the people of the state.

Shah said even Indian Parliament can’t revoke it. “There are apprehensions that President of India can issue an ordinance over this article, but let me clear it if such a situation arises, all the presidential orders issued from 1953 can be challenged and that will not be in the interest of India,” he said.

He said the “assault on the state’s special status was part of a longstanding ideological mission of those quarters who have always opposed J&K’s political rights and dignity.

Shah said that accession with India can be questioned if this article is removed. “Article 370 is a bride that connects Kashmir with India. Removing it means dismantling that bridge,” he said.

Shah’s remarks came at a time when state’s mainstream opposition parties and separatist groups have warned against any attempt at abrogating Article 35A, a constitutional guarantee which ensures the state’s special status and privileges.

“Article 35A is vital and non-negotiable for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and those trying to divide us on regional and religious lines to further their agenda will have to be defeated,” Shah said.

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