Would be wonderful if India, Pakistan get along: Trump

WASHINGTON, Feb 20: United States President Donald Trump has said he was getting reports on last week’s suicide attack in Pulwama which killed at least 40 Indian paramilitary soldiers and his country will respond “an appropriate time”.

As Trump addressed the media during an Oval Office signing ceremony, he was asked about the attack. Responding to the question, the US president said, “I have watched; I have got a lot of reports on it. We will have comment [on it] at an appropriate time. It would be wonderful if they [India and Pakistan] get along.”

“That [the attack] was a horrible situation. We are getting reports. We will have a statement to put out,” Trump added.

The already sour relations between India and Pakistan have worsened over the past week as New Delhi piled blame on Islamabad for the Pulwama attack.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan responded to Indian allegations and offered to investigate the Pulwama attack if India shares “actionable intelligence with Pakistan”.

In a video message to the nation, PM Imran said, “Pakistan is ready to investigate the attack and act if India provides actionable intelligence. Not because we are under pressure but because it is our policy.” Geo TV

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