Non-locals protest in Srinagar against attacks on Kashmiris in their states

Srinagar, Feb 20, Scores of non-locals doing business in Kashmir Wednesday staged a protest against the harassment and attacks on Kashmiris in different parts of India.
A large number of non-locals assembled at Hari Singh High Street and raised slogans against miscreants attacking Kashmiri people in various parts of India. They demanded the safety of Kashmiri traders and students outside the valley.
“The goons are being given free hand and no stern action is being taken to protect life and property of Kashmiris. We demand that the state governments must reveal how many miscreants have been booked and arrested so far in different parts of India. It is shameful that goons are vandalizing properties and attacking Kashmiris,” they said.
The protesters said it seems obvious that making Pulwama attack on CRPF as an excuse, a section of radical elements wants to implement its nefarious designs against the Muslim community.
We appeal Government of India not to forget that Kashmiris are worst victims of violence and need peace with dignity more than anyone else. “We feel safe and secure in Kashmir but at the same time feel sorry for Kashmiris they are not treated well in our states,” they said.

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