Anger simmering in Valley over attacks on Kashmiris outside

Srinagar, Feb 20,: Anger is simmering among people of Kashmir after the repeated assaults on Kashmiris in different parts of India.
A number of videos showing how people from Kashmir are being assaulted have gone viral. The latest one is of a local Javaid Ahmed Khan from Soibugh Budgam who had been mercilessly thrashed by goons in Tahirapore Kolkatta. A large number of people visited his house on Wednesday to express sympathies with him.
The videos showing goons targeting Kashmiris particularly businessmen and students in different states of India are viral from past couple of days. “These videos have potential to incite trouble in Kashmir but we don’t believe in harming non-locals. We are of course concerned with the safety of our brethren but won’t harm any non-local here,” said senior Journalist Jalil Rathore to news agency CNS.
Kashmiris on social media have been expressing resentment over the attacks on Kashmiri people in various parts of India. They are blaming Government of India for not taking any serious measures to protect these hapless souls from Kashmir.
Arshid Lone, a local from North Kashmir took to Twitter and wrotes: “ I saw some disturbing videos of Kashmiri students being beaten up and asked to chant slogans. Hate mongers, today I wouldn’t hesitate in saying that Jinnah was right.” In response to this tweet, the Peoples Conference Chairman Sajad Lone said: “Arshid is a rare breed. Unambiguously mainstream. No confusion. And now his tweet. His unlearning process seems to have begun. The goons who attacked Kashmiris r the biggest terrorists. And they r cowards. Hundreds of “brave” goons thrash a handful helpless Kashmiris.”
Philip Tyndale Biscoe, who is the nephew of the Mr Tyndale Biscoe the founder of prestigious Biscoe School Srinagar wrote on his facebook that: “My heart goes out to all of Kashmir.” Philip Tyndale Biscoe presently resides in Sweden.
Senior Journalist Peerzada Ashiq who is the Bureau Chief for ‘The Hindu’ office in Srinagar too expressed his concern over the recent attacks on Kashmirs and wrote on facebook: “The hate crime and xenophobia cases against Kashmiris need to be documented and recorded. We require a well researched database to find out a systemic response to those who are in distress, whether students or traders living outside J&K, and also the future course of action.”
“No reasonable, rational Kashmiri has ever justified the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990. In fact most have condemned it & said Kashmir is incomplete without pandits. Yet in some sick minds targeting Kashmiri Muslims is justified because of what Kashmiri Pandits had to endure, wrote Omar Abdullah.
“The @HMOIndia and @PMOIndia should make their stand on Kashmiris clear. If they want us to go back home – make it clear enough so that we make arrangements before we are lynched,” questioned a Kashmiri citizen.

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