Anantnag, the home of myraid varities of kulcha

Anantnag:A Kashmiri’s day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of piping hot nun Chai (Salty pink tea) and a crisp, freshly baked bread from the Kandur (the traditional baker).

While the entire Valley is still shrouded in darkness, the Kandur remains awake preparing his tandoor to bake breads

People from other parts of Kashmir also like and take home these varieties of bread.

Kulcha: These are crispy palm-sized mounds of flour sprinkled with poppy seeds. They come in two versions- mitha (sweet) and namkeen (savoury). These crumbly breads make for a perfect dunk along with some traditional Dodh Kehwa (milk Kehwa).
Namkeen Kulcha:This savoury version is decorated by placing a peanut or an almond in the centre of the upper face of the Kulcha along with a generous sprinkling of poppy seeds ( khaskhash).
Khatai:Khatai is another type of kulcha which is sweet in taste. This type is also called as Kandi Kulche and has a cookie like consistency. It is bigger than a namkeen kulcha and tastes best when paired with a cup of kounge Kehwa (traditional saffron drink).

Source: Shah Kafeel

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