Mamata urges all to be extra cautious for the next two weeks

Kolkata, Mar 19 : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said all coming from abroad must go through test and should be in self-isolation for at least 14 days.
“No matter who the person is, all coming from abroad must go
through tests – 95,000 people have come into Kolkata over the last one
week,” she said.
In this context, Ms Banerjee said, “Over the next two weeks, all
of us in the city and state will have to be extra cautious.”
“I do not like the use of office to avoid going through testing
and self-declaration. This has been done, and it is very wrong and has
led to panic in some sections. This is a very irresponsible act and
govt will be forced to take action,” the chief minister said.
“Action will also be taken against those saying gomutra will cure
you of Coronavirus,” she said.
Ms Banerjee today attended an event organised by the Kolkata
Municipal Corporation. There she inaugurated various government
services and spoke about being cautious about the Coronavirus for the
next two weeks.
Speaking on the occasion, she said fund for these projects from
MP-MLA local area funds.
The chief minister said several rumours – some misleading reports
are being spread by the media. Request media to desist from this “Some professions have to go to work – doctors, conservancy,journalists, people’s representatives – for all, maintain standard
precautions, keep safe distance, wash hands, avoid touch, etc,” shesaid.
Ms Banerjee said shift/roster duties to be introduced at Nabanna –
11am instead of 10am; 4pm instead 5pm.

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