Action against tobacco and liquor demanded in Tripura like drug

Agartala, :  The anti-tobacco movement demanded similar line of action against smoking, consumption of non-smoking tobacco and liquor like illicit use and trafficking of drug has been launched by Tripura government a year ago.
While observing Anti Tobacco Day today the leading Oncologist of Northeast and an anti-drug crusader Dr Arup Roybarman stated that the action against drugs and cannabis initiated by Chief Minister Biplab Kumar was well appreciated but The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003 has been flouted.
“The sale and consumption of liquor, cigarettes and chewing tobacco items become rampant in Tripura and unfortunately law enforcing agencies are also found in the list of users. But somehow it could not grab the attention of the state government, which creating multiple health problem including cancer. We want immediate attention of the appropriate authority to curb the menace,” Roybarman told media while addressing a rally on anti-tobacco day celebration here.
He said Tripura has close to a hundred foreign liquor shops across the state and since there is no prohibition on drinking, no practice of quality check and no designated place or regulation on drinking people are consuming liquor here and there even in the hospitals. According to law, sale of tobacco products are prohibited within hundred yards of educational institutions but nobody cares it.
Dr Roybarman however, drew the attention of the policy makers on the tradition of supplying liquor to the security forces and army and argued that it is established that consumption of liquor has adverse effect on human body and mind in both short term and long term how does government subsidies liquor the most discipline brigade?
“Tripura has achieved a remarkable milestone in last one year fighting against cultivation, manufacturing, trade, storage and transportation of drugs and tranquilizers. People of the state stand with the action of the state government but there is no action against tobacco and liquor, which is badly needed today,” Dr Roybarman underlined.
He further stated that Tripura becomes one of first three states of having highest tobacco related cancer incidences, which estimated 55 percent among the male and 25 percent among female. Similarly, more than 90 percent alcoholic liver cases are reported in Tripura due to rampant use of non-standard and uncontrolled consumption of liquor.
Besides, Tripura health department a number of non-government organisations have observed the day.


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