Taking a break to step back, pause and reflect: Sajad Lone

Asian Mail

Srinagar: People’s Conference Chief Sajad Gani Lone on Saturday said that he is taking a break to step back, pause and reflect.

In a X post he wrote “I will be away for a few days. Taking a break to step back, pause and reflect. Winning and losing is part of life. A setback, Yes, but should it allow us to lose sight of our larger goal – the empowerment of our people, their dignity, development and making their voices heard – No! ,”

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Elections were merely a vehicle towards this larger goal, never an end in itself.

If at all this setback should invigorate us further, strengthen our commitment, conviction and resolve towards realising our collective goal, he added.

He said further that “I would once again want to thank each one of my supporters who stood by me, believed in me and strengthened my convictions.”

He thanked the Pandit and Sikh community for their support “, I am indebted to Pandit brothers. And also Sikh brothers for extending their support. They remain an integral part of our larger dream for a peaceful, prosperous and empowered Kashmir.”

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