World Environment Day

By Humaira Syed

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th to raise global awareness and action for environmental protection. On this day the UN General Assembly designated World Environment Day coinciding with the beginning of the Stock Holm conference on the human environment .

On June 5 , 1973 the world celebrated the first environment day . The date was chosen by the United Nations to honor the 1972 UN Conference on the human environment , a landmark summit in conservation and environmental awareness.

The theme of this year’s world environment day is land restoration , desertification and drought resilience.

World Environment day is celebrated every year on June 5 globally . It is the day on which awareness is spread awareness about the environment and the need to conserve it .Moreover it is essential to advocate for a greener environment and conservation of nature . It is quite simple as when we conserve the environment today , the future generations will be able to lead a healthier life . We cannot be so selfish and use up all the resources for ourselves .

World Environment day is the perfect opportunity to make people aware of the issues we are facing and how one can contribute to saving it . Thus it is quite important in its own way.

World Environment day reminds us to strengthen the world and ensure that nature is preserved at all costs. It throws light on the causes which are causing serious harm to our environment for instance, industries  and factories are contributing largely to pollution. They are deteriorating the quality of air that we breathe and the water we consume. Thus this day serves as an eye opener for many citizens who are not aware of all this. In other words, it spreads awareness amongst the common people which the environment is facing right now on the occasion of world environment day. It is essential for all to realize that every little deed matters when it comes to saving the environment no matter how small a step you are taking to lead a greener lifestyle, it does make a difference because if everyone starts doing little deeds one by one it will turn into something big. As the saying goes, every drop makes an ocean.

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As there are a lot of diseases that originate due to unhygienic living conditions and dirty water we must begin there. For instance when water remains stagnant or unclean for long various insects and bacteria start growing there this results in deadly disease like malaria, dengue and more so we must make sure to cover the tanks, pots, coolers and more. Which may become a breeding ground for such insects and diseases.

As you all know that desertification is a type of gradual land degradation of fertile land into arid desert due to a combination of natural processes and human activities. This spread of arid areas is caused by a variety of factors such as over exploitation of soil as a result of human activity and the effects of climate change.

Drought resiliency focuses on preparing communities for future droughts by giving them the means to endure with stand and recover from these events . strategies to conserve water, access new water sources and manage drought on a watershed level can help communities become more resilient.

Similarly we have to talk about the issues of garbage disposal especially in our country people litter around everywhere. It is essential to firstly dispose of waste properly and also segregate the wet and dry waste accordingly. Environment day serves as a reminder to protect the environment at all costs. All the resources of nature from forest to oceans and soil to air, we must conserve. Always remember that the gifts and blessings which nature endows on us are priceless. It is rather essential to conserve them all for a better future and life.

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