Poor Diversion Routes Near Under-Construction Flyovers in Srinagar Causing Hardship to People

Srinagar: Scores of individuals on Saturday bemoaned the dilapidation of diversion routes near under-construction flyovers at Nowgam, Bemina and Sanat Nagar in Srinagar district and accused the concerned authorities of “heedlessness”.

They told the news agency CNS that the diversion roads created for smooth traffic flow at Nowgam, Bemina and Sanat Nagar — where constructions of flyovers have been going on — are dilapidated and often become impassable by the dust.

“While passing by the diversion road at Nowgam bypass, we flinched at the sight of clouds of dust and dilapidation of the route. But what we face is beyond a nightmare when we reach near to the under-construction flyover at Nowgam,” said a couple of commuters, commuting daily to and fro Pantha Chowk and Parimpora.

Similar complaints were also expressed by the several other commuters regarding the worse condition of diversion roads at Bemina and Sanat Nagar flyovers. “We do not have any problem with the construction of flyovers but the authorities need to pay heed to the maintenance of diversion routes as well which have become eyesore and often cause discomfort to us owing to its dilapidation,” they said.

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While talking to an expert, whose bailiwick is to oversee flyovers’ construction, said that the responsibility of diverting roads and managing traffic during the construction of a flyover typically lies with the construction agency or the contractor responsible for the project.

“The construction agency is typically responsible for developing a traffic management plan to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow during construction. besides maintaining the diversion routes and ensuring they are safe and accessible for all users. It also needs to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards for traffic management and road safety,” the expert said, adding, “the agency must implement diversion routes and maintain them throughout the construction period. Also, the agency must ensure that diversion routes are safe and accessible for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.”

Adding to the complaints of the commuters, few drivers also expressed dissatisfaction with the shabby conditions of diversion routes at Nowgam, Bemina and Sanat Nagar. “Our vehicles have been bearing the brunt of these roads, which rattle our buses to the extent of requiring repair,” they rued.

Shopkeepers, at stone’s throw from the Nowgam flyover, said they too have been affected by the dust kicking up from the diversion route and are compelled to clean their establishments a number of times throughout the day.

Regarding the issue, the affected individuals beseeched the authorities to undertake the maintenance of the diversion routes for the ease of general public.

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