Former JeI General Secretary Urges Youth Participation in Electoral Process, Hopes to Avoid 1987 Election Rigging

Srinagar: Ghulam Qadair Lone, former General Secretary of banned Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), expressed hope that the dark chapter of the 1987 election rigging would not be repeated, emphasizing the importance of youth involvement in the electoral rolls.

Reflecting on the historical significance of the 1987 rigging, Lone underscored the need to prevent such occurrences in the future. “Long time has passed since the 1987 rigging. Hope this won’t be repeated again,” he remarked, urging authorities to ensure free and fair elections, reported Srinagar based news agency Kashmir Dot Com.

Lone called upon the youth to actively participate in the electoral process by registering themselves in the electoral rolls. He highlighted the pivotal role the youth can play in shaping the future through their democratic participation.

Addressing the ongoing ban on certain political activities, Lone expressed his willingness to engage in elections if the ban is lifted. “If the ban is revoked, I will take part in elections,” he stated, indicating his commitment to contributing to the democratic process.

The statements by Ghulam Qadair Lone come amidst a charged political atmosphere in Kashmir, with various stakeholders advocating for greater democratic participation and transparency in the electoral process.

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