J&K Police Enhances Security with AI Facial Recognition System

Asian Mail

Ramban: Jammu and Kashmir Police have taken a major step towards modernizing their policing efforts.  District Police Ramban has operationalized an advanced AI-Based Facial Recognition System at Navyuga Checking Plaza in Banihal. This technology is designed to identify and track individuals involved in criminal activities, ranging from terrorists to drug peddlers. It’s a significant move towards ensuring public safety and effectively combating crime in the region.

In a statement issued to Asian Mail a Police spokesperson said that the SSP Ramban highlighted the system’s importance in swiftly detecting and apprehending individuals with a criminal record, contributing to maintaining law and order. He said that the  AI-Based Facial Recognition System is an integral part of smart policing initiatives, helping law enforcement agencies track down criminals more effectively and promote intelligent and proactive policing. It’s an impressive commitment to leveraging advanced technology for a safer community.

He further stated that by leveraging this advanced technology, law enforcement agencies aim to not only track down criminals more effectively but also contribute to the broader framework of intelligent and proactive policing. This move aligns with the commitment to employing innovative solutions for ensuring public safety and upholding the principles of smart, technology-driven law enforcement.


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