Eight Syrian soldiers injured in Israeli airstrike near Damascus

Damascus : Syrian defence ministry claimed on Friday that eight Syrian soldiers were injured in an Israeli airstrike near Damascus.

Israeli warplanes launched their missiles from over the Golan Heights at a site in the area of the capital, the Syrian defence ministry said according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.
Also Russian state media TASS quoted Dubai-based Al Hadath TV as saying that the attack targeted a base of Lebanon’s Shia militia, Hezbollah, located southwest of Damascus International Airport.

An alleged Israel airstrike on Iran’s consulate in Syria on April 1 had killed 13 people, following which Iran rained a barrage of missiles and drones over Israel, most of which were staved off with the help of an iron dome over Israel and a coalition of US-led allies, including Britain and France, according to the Washington Post.

Following this development, US media reported that Israel had carried out overnight airstrikes against Israel after which Iran fired air defence batteries and shut down flight operations in several cites including Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan that was later lifted. There was no official confirmation by Israeli authorities on the reported reprisal strike.

Meanwhile, US Department of Defence said that a drone strike in the year 2023 in Syria, initially said to have successfully targeted an al-Qaeda leader, actually killed a farmer, Washington Post reported from the summary of an internal investigation done by the Pentagon released on Thursday (US local time).

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