Azad ensured Justice, NC & PDP exploited people: DPAP

Srinagar: Today, in a significant gathering in Kellar Shopian, leaders of the Democratic Party of Azad Kashmir (DPAP) came together to address the people. Among them were G.M. Saroori, Vice Chairman of DPAP, Lok Sabha candidate Amir Bhatt, and Chief Spokesperson Salman Nizami. The leaders passionately urged the people to cast their votes for the young and dynamic leader, Amir Bhatt. Saroori emphasized the importance of remembering those who have caused pain and suffering to Kashmiri youth through the use of pellets and bullets, which ultimately facilitated BJP’s entry into Kashmir. He urged everyone to stand against those who have brought destruction to the land. He said, ‘NC and PDP rule only witnessed killings, they blinded people, but Ghulam Nabi Azad ensured justice to the people. He did massive development. Both Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti were in BJP govts. They will again go with them.’ Chief Spokesperson Salman Nizami, reminded the public of Mehbooba Mufti’s past actions and statements, underlining a pattern of behavior that undermined the interests and dignity of Kashmiris. Nizami urged vigilance against political figures whose actions betray the trust of the people they claim to represent. Meanwhile Lok Sabha candidate Amir Bhatt has pledged to prioritise public concerns, particularly those affecting the youth, echoing the approach of Ghulam Nabi Azad. Bhatt emphasized his commitment to tackling the pressing issue of drug abuse and vowed to advocate for the youth’s well-being in Parliament. He said, “I will plead your case in Parliament, and we will never let you down. It’s imperative that we put an end to the drug menace in Kashmir, a problem that other parties have only exploited.” Among others who were present on the occassion were, Javid Hakim Secretary, Peer Bilal Zonal President Qayoom Dar Working President, Mujtaba Dewan, Waseem Yaqoob and others.

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