Mirwaiz emphasises the need to ensure women’s access to mosques

Srinagar: Kashmir’s Chief cleric Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Monday emphasised the need to ensure women’s access to mosques.
Addressing a gathering, after laying the foundation stone for a new mosque in Atthwajan, on the outskirts of Srinagar, Mirwaiz said “We should not keep our women folk away from the mosques as we cannot envision real change in our society or aspire to build a strong community without ensuring that our mosques are welcoming and accessible to women. Their participation and inclusion are crucial if we are to stay true to the values of Islamic teaching,” he added
Mirwaiz highlighted the mosque’s vital role and concept of “Jama’at” (congregational prayers) in Islam as a way to connect with the almighty. He emphasised that Masjid is not only a place of worship but a hub for addressing community issues—be it social, economic, or otherwise.
He reminded the faithful of the mosque’s historical role during the time of Prophet Muhammad, serving as the heart of the community where crucial societal issues were addressed.
“Building a mosque goes beyond constructing a place for prayers; it’s about creating a community center that embodies the spirit of Islamic teachings, fostering a strong, vibrant Muslim community,” Mirwaiz said
Mirwaiz emphasized the importance and need for inclusivity in these new sacred spaces, particularly the provision of designated areas for women to pray and assemble.

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