Having Procured Transformer ‘On Their Own’, Hardwani New Colony in Tangmarg Faces Power Woes for ‘Want of Poles’

Srinagar: Inhabitants of Hardwani New Colony in Kunzer Tangmarg Baramulla are facing acute issues with proper supply of electricity allegedly for the want of electric poles despite the populace claiming to have pooled money to procure a transformer on their own.

A delegation of the village told GNS that despite paying fees for the last three years, they aren’t getting any proper power supply.

“There is a 63 KV transformer installed at Mohammadia School for some thirty households in our Colony (New Colony), and we are several houses which fall at the fag end of the Colony and literally don’t receive any supply at all as the supply gets consumed in the mid way till any left reaches us”, said a delegation led by a local social-activist Javid Ahmad Khanday.

Despite approaching the authorities on numerous occasions, we haven’t seen anything substantial being done by the department to alleviate our sufferings. “It was recently that we were asked by the department to procure a transformer on our own or wait at least till July or August to get it from the department”, they said. “They told us conditionally that if you (people) procure the transformer they (department) will provide us with poles and wiring to facilitate the supply”, the delegation members said.

“We decided to pool our money from our own pockets and were successfully able to procure the transformer, but despite all this it has been over a month that the department is not even providing us with the poles and wiring now”, they claimed.

“Despite, unwittingly, acknowledging our genuine grievance, we fail to know why are they behaving this way and jeopardizing the people for the power supply, which is a part and parcel to carry out different activities in modern times”, the delegation members lamented.

When contacted, a PDD official told GNS that they will provide the aggrieved people with the poles and wiring soon.

It remains to be seen how long it will take the department to fulfill its obligations, even after apparently making the tax-payers procure the transformer on their own.

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