Smart Electric Bus Conductor Thrashed by Passenger in Srinagar

Srinagar: Scores of conductors of the Smart Electric Buses, launched under the Srinagar Smart City Limited (SSCL), on Monday shunned their work to protest against their “insecurity” in the wake of a physical assault on one of the conductors by a passenger.

They told the news agency CNS that they have been fearing the threat to their lives after one of the conductors was thrashed by a passenger in Srinagar.

“We feel completely insecure after our colleague was badly assaulted by a passenger while telling him to alight from the bus. Despite working for the convenience of the people, we are treated badly and now limits have been crossed after the attack on the conductor,” said the conductors of Smart Electric Buses.

Kisan Motors Space Engineering, which is supplying the conductors for the Smart Electric Buses, have been alleged by the conductors of not guaranteeing any security to them when asked for it following a physical assault on one of their counterparts and termed their stance as “inhumane”.

Infuriated both by the attack and their company’s stance, conductors have stayed away from their duties, rendering the Smart Electric Buses grounded.

It was learnt that drivers and conductors of the Smart Electric Buses have been facing harassment and assault for some weeks now.

While talking to an official of the Kisan Motors Space Engineering regarding the issue, he said that they have informed their higher-ups, who would visit from Delhi to here (Kashmir) tomorrow and redress the conductors’ queries pertaining to their security.

Meanwhile, the officer also appealed to the conductors to resume their work.

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