Situation in Kashmir Generally Good, a Little Distance needs to Cover: GOC 15 Corps

 Srinagar : The General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Srinagar-based 15 Corps, Lieutenant General Rajiv Ghai, stated on Tuesday that while the situation is generally good in the Kashmir Valley, there is still some distance to cover.

During the inauguration of the General Bipin Rawat Stadium in Baramulla, he stated that “There is ongoing collaboration between the Indian Army, state administration, and Jammu and Kashmir Police to combat narcotics smuggling from across the border.”

Lt. General Ghai highlighted the significance of naming the stadium after General Bipin Rawat, calling it a momentous day for the people of Baramulla and the Army.

He urged the youth to aspire for a better future, while saying that the current situation in Kashmir is much peaceful.

“The situation is good, but there is a little distance that we have to move forward,” said Lt. General Ghai, underlining the collaborative efforts to address challenges, including narcotics smuggling. The General appealed to the youth, encouraging them to make choices that lead to a brighter future.

The inauguration of the stadium was marked as a significant occasion, and Lt. General Ghai’s remarks reflected a positive outlook on the overall situation in the Kashmir Valley. The naming of the stadium after General Bipin Rawat was acknowledged as a noteworthy tribute, and the GOC expressed optimism for the region’s continued progress and stability.

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