Muslims in Srinagar assist Hindus in Diwali preparations

‘Such gestures challenge divisive narratives, promote unity’


Srinagar: In a heartwarming display of communal harmony, Muslims showcased the spirit of brotherhood by actively assisting their Hindu neighbours in Diwali preparations here.

In the heart of Srinagar, Muslims not only shared the joy of Diwali with their Hindu friends but actively participated in the festivities. They expressed belief in the importance of unity, saying that celebrating each other’s festivals strengthens the bonds of their community.

“It is a testament to the rich tapestry of cultures that make Kashmir vibrant,” they said.

The Hindus expressed gratitude for the warm gesture and acknowledged the Muslims in their Diwali celebrations.

Arun, a worker at Srinagar’s Durganath restaurant in Dalgate, while speaking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), said that the support from Muslim neighbours is “truly heartening”. “This transcends religious lines and reflects the true essence of brotherhood,” he said.

Sameer Khan, a resident from Rainawari, shared his thoughts on Diwali celebrations. “This heartwarming gesture in the spirit of Diwali exemplifies the ethos of Kashmir. It is crucial to showcase these instances as they challenge divisive narratives and promote unity.”

As the Diwali preparations came to an end, families gathered to light lamps, exchange sweets, and share laughter, creating an atmosphere in the neighbourhood that radiated joy and unity.

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