Destructive and corrupt Cong is akin to a punctured balloon: PM Modi

Satna : Denouncing the Congress as being synonymous with destruction and corruption, Prime Minister Narendra Modi quipped on Thursday that the party’s balloon of untruth has become punctured in the run-up to polling day in Madhya Pradesh.

Addressing a public meeting in this district headquarters of the election-bound state, the visiting dignitary averred, “The Congress brought about ruination wherever it assumed the reins of power in Bharat.”

Continuing to explain his analogy, the Prime Minister said, “You have observed that when a balloon loses air rapidly; it falters, hisses and wanders about in a directionless manner. In precisely that fashion, the bigwigs of the Congress – which is heading full steam towards a debacle – are running about and only generating bedlam.”

That party does not possess any roadmap whatsoever for Madhya Pradesh’s development therefore the youth of this state perceive no future in the fatigued countenances of Congress leaders, Mr Modi observed.

Highlighting the scams that were perpetrated during Congress rule at the Centre, the Prime Minister said, “Among those inconsistencies was one regarding fake beneficiaries. The number of such names that existed only on paper was in the region of ten crore, which exceeds the combined populations of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. An ‘individual’ who was not even born became a beneficiary.

Using these names as a conduit, the Congress regime withdrew money from the treasury and the funds simply disappeared. In reality, they lined the pockets of the party’s ‘disciples’ and touts.”

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