Azad promise more jobs, massive development for Chenab Valley

Doda: Democratic Progressive Azad Party chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad said that his party will sweep the Chenab valley in upcoming elections and reiterated that if his party is elected to power by people many more massive developmental projects will be sanctioned and executed for the welfare of people. Azad said that it was during his tenure that the Chenab valley was connected with the rest of Jammu and Kashmir after he built road connectivity and created economic opportunities for the people.

“When I talk to you today I speak with confidence since I have countless projects to count I sanctioned and executed for the people of Chenab valley. No other political party or leader can speak to you with this confidence since they only exploited people for the votes,” he told.

Azad promised his workers that once he is back in power, he will ensure more job opportunities are created and no one from this hilly region is forced to migrate for employment purposes. “I have some more projects envisioned for this region and with the support of people if elected to power, I will immediately start working on those projects “ he said.

The DPAP chairman said that the economic potential of the region is untapped given the poor governance and misplaced economic policies due to which the common people are suffering. He said his party has an aim of economic empowerment of people and for that he will continue to work since the agenda of DPAP is to remove the miseries of common people and bring back smiles on their faces. Azad said that it is only his party that holds public programmes across Jammu and Kashmir since people have reposed faith and trust in it. “ I assure you I will bring back a smile on your face that you lost due to the governance deficit. Your economy will improve and no one will be jobless since the developmental works will start in triple shifts again if DPAP comes to power,” he said.

Among others who were attended the public meeting were G.M.Saroori Vice Chairman, Ab Majeed Wani Gen Secretary, Anita Thakur Gen Secretary, P.R.Manhas Zonal President, Asif Gattu Distt President, Prabha Salathia Mahila President, Sunita Arora Spokesperson, Ramesh Parihar, Farooq Shikari Secretary, Pritam Kotwal Provincial Secretary,Fatima Shikari, Sheikh Zaffarullah Gen Secretary Zone Chenab, Javed Malik and others.

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