DPAP concerned over fate of local growers due to lifting of extra import duty on US Apple, walnut

Srinagar : The democratic Progressive Azad Party on Monday expressed concerns over the lifting of extra tariffs to Walnuts and Apple imported from the United States of America. The party chief spokesman Salman Nizami said that the move is likely to affect the Apple and Walnut industry of Kashmir which is the main source of their economy.

He said once the extra tariffs are lifted, the American apple and walnut may dominate the local market evident from the past and Prime minister Narendra Modi must take the move cautiously to ensure local growers are not affected. “India has lifted extra tariffs on U.S. products, including walnuts, apples, initially imposed in retaliation to U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs. We are concerned about its impact on local growers in J&K, especially after huge losses in 2019. Hope Prime Minister keeps the interests of J&K farmers in mind and do something about it!,” he said.

Nizami said that over 60 per cent of Kashmiri population is relying on the Apple and Walnut industry and it is serving as the main engine of its economic prosperity.

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