Maulana Hami joins Dr Darakhshan Andrabi in launching New Logo for J&K Waqf Board today

‘New Logo represents the spirit of the Sufi spiritual tradition of Islam’: Dr Andrabi

Srinagar: Eminent Islamic Scholar Maulana Ghulam Rasool Hami joined Dr Darakhshan Andrabi J&K Waqf Board Chairperson, Minister of State, J&K) in launching of the New Logo of J&K Waqf Board today during a function held at Board Headquarters at Srinagar. Famed Islamic scholars including Maulana Ashraf, Moulana Tajamul Qadri, Moulana Fayaz Rezvi, Moulana Ghulam Mohidin Shah, Maulana Adil Noorani, Moulana Ghulam Mohd Mantaqi, Chowdary Mehraj-ud-din & Waqf Board Members Dr Ghulam Nabi Haleem and Syed Muhammed Hussain along with the Waqf CEO Dr Majid Jahangir and Magistrate Ishtiyaq Mohiuddin were also present on this grant event.

A brief Video Film on the Logo was exhibited on the occasion and later the logo was released by Maulana Hami and Dr Andrabi in physical form. In his address Maulana Hami expressed his pleasure that the Waqf Board was taking great steps to restore its position in Jammu & Kashmir.


“This logo is the first ever logo of this prestigious body and is an important step in the continuous chain of reformative steps taken by the Board during the past one year under the able leadership of Dr Andrabi”, said Maulana Hami.

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi presented the details about the logo and said that the Logo represents the Sufi Spiritual tradition of Islam. “We have chosen the Rub-el-Hizb as the main outline for its proposed logo. It is in the shape of an Octagram represented by two overlapping squares. It symbolises the ancient Islamic ¬†system for recitation of the Quran. Symbolically the Octagonal Star has been used by the Islamic Mathematicians (Mantaqis) to represent the Quranic wisdom as per the pattern of compilation of the Quran-e-Majeed in which it is available to all till eternity. It is also known as the Islamic Star. The octagons symbolize the ¬†angels carrying the throne of God.
In the logo, the upper ceiling of the octagon has been inserted with the Islamic architectural symbol of a shrine with the Crescent on its top, while as the tombs within the green arch symbolize the shrine of the great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH), signifying the grand and everlasting source of Islam, the faith of peace. The crescent on the top ¬†represents the guidance of God on the path of life, here and hereafter. A crescent shaped base-hold for the main logo has the name of J&K Waqf Board in Urdu & English within it”, explained Dr Darakhshan.

She thanked the people in general and the scholars of J&K for their support for the Waqf Board in its reformative decisions. Famed presenter Tabraiz Madani anchored this graceful event.

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