Matrimonial cases on rise in J&K

Srinagar, Mar 14 : Hundreds of matrimonial cases are pending in courts of Jammu and Kashmir and every day dozens of such new cases are being filed by different parties.

Court sources said that the cases related to matrimonial disputes amongst the parties have doubled in the recent past. They said dowry, greed, drug addiction, extramarital affairs, infertility, impotence, elopement, and acrimonious relations between families are the major causes giving rise to matrimonial disputes in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Such cases take time when it comes to the settlement as the two parties fail to arrive at any consensus,” said a bailiff.

The court official told news agency Kashmir News Trust that recently, 669 cases involving matrimonial disputes were taken up in a ‘Lok Adalat’ by 65 Benches in Jammu and Kashmir and out of which 224 Cases were settled and disposed of.

‘The settlement ensures immediate respite not only to the parties but also to their family members from the evils of litigation leading to unrest in the family,’ he said adding that hundreds of such cases are pending in the courts.

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