Ministry of Culture announces schemes for benefit of Jammu, Kashmir regions 


Srinagar, Mar 6:In a press briefing held at Tagore Hall here on Monday, Director, Ministry of Culture, Arvind Kumar announced that the Culture Ministry of the Government of India had multiple schemes for promotion and development of art and culture from which artists and art associations of Jammu and Kashmir can benefit.


Giving details, Kumar said that schemes like “Cultural Heritage of Himalayas”, “Salary and Product Grant” and “Cultural Functions Grant” are in operation and anyone can benefit from them subject to fulfillment of criteria. According to him funding is provided to various organizations under these schemes from time to time subject to fulfillment of prescribed norms.


Explaining the rationale behind Cultural Heritage of Himalayas scheme, Kumar said that the aim of the scheme was to promote, protect and preserve cultural heritage of the Himalayan region including Jammu and Kashmir with financial assistance for undertaking programmes viz; study and research, preservation of old manuscripts / literature, dissemination of art and culture through audio-visual means besides training in traditional and folk art.


Apart from Cultural Heritage of Himalayas Scheme, Kumar also gave an overview of the Salary and Product Scheme of the Culture Ministry. Under this scheme grants and subsidies are given to individuals / organizations for approved projects or programmes with focus on giving due representation to all art forms of the country.


During the beefing, the Director Culture also elaborated contours of the Cultural Grants Function Scheme under which financial assistance for seminars, symposia and research, festivals and exhibitions is being given by the ministry to eligible organizations.


Promising liberal support under the National Cultural Fund, Kumar impressed upon art associations of the valley that they should come forward with proposals for availing benefit under the fund, under which theatre and other art forms can easily be accommodated.


During his interaction with media, Arvind Kumar hinted at likely collaboration of the Culture Ministry with the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages for smooth facilitation and implementation of culture sector specific central schemes in Jammu and Kashmir.


The press briefing was held in the backdrop of Theatre Workshop being held by the NSD at Srinagar w.e.f. 12th March, 2023 in which theatre practitioners from across the valley are expected to participate.

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