US did not provide access to reports, accusing China of causing Covid – WHO

Geneva, Mar 4 :The United States did not provide the World Health Organization (WHO) with access to data and reports that accuse a Chinese laboratory of causing COVID-19, Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses Lead at the WHO Health Emergencies Programme Maria Van Kerkhove said.

“We have made requests to senior mission officials here in Geneva of the US mission for information from the latest reports from the Department of Energy, as well as additional reports from other US agencies. We have also reached out to HHS [United States Department of Health and Human Services]… As of right now, we do not have access to those reports or to the data that was underling in how those reports were generated,” Van Kerkhove said.

All countries, institutions or organizations are encouraged to share any information with the WHO regarding the origin of the COVID-19 virus, the expert underscored.

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