Wisconsin to Ban Tiktok on state devices: Governor

Washington, Jan 7 : The Governor of Wisconsin Tony Evers said in an interview that he will issue an executive order next week banning TikTok in state government issued electronic devices.

“I’ll be issuing an executive order early next week to ban that,” Evers said on Friday when asked if he will ban TikTok on state government issued electronic devices.

Evers noted that less than 30 state employees used the TikTok social media app on state-issued devices.

TikTok has been the subject of US federal government scrutiny for alleged ties between their parent company, ByteDance, and the Chinese government.

The US states of Pennsylvania, Kansas, Louisiana, West Virginia, Montana, Virginia, Georgia, New Hampshire, Idaho, North Dakota, Iowa, Alabama, Utah, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Florida have banned TikTok from state owned electronic devices due to national security concerns.

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