Northeast will be free from insurgency: Amit Shah

Imphal, Jan 6 :Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday announced that the Northeast region will soon be free from insurgency problems.

Addressing a public meeting at Moirang, Bishnupur district, Shah said the state’s BJP-led government has inked truce with Boro, NLFT, Karbi Anglong, Bru insurgents and the region will be free from all insurgency problems soon.

He blamed the previous Congress governments for various problems like insurgency, prolonged bandhs and blockades and stated that no insurgency-related problems, bandhs, or blockades have been reported since the BJP government came to power n Manipur six years ago.

Manipur is now moving forward and tourists will come in good numbers to see the newly inaugurated projects, he said.

Considering the improvement in law and order and opening of new institutes like Churachandpur Medical College that was inaugurated on Friday, students from other states were coming to pursue higher studies in Manipur, he said.

Earlier, students of Manipur and the northeast had to go to other states, he added.

Shah inaugurated 12 projects and laid the foundation stones for nine schemes entailing a cost of Rs 1308 crore, mostly from the venue.

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has provided better air and road connectivity and development to the region and provided the much-needed integration of the people.

He said now people of the region consider themselves as part of India.

The improvement has led to the development, better connectivity, improvement in sports, more investment and starting of an organic industry hub in the region, he claimed.

Shah paid tribute to the ancient civilization of Manipur which has over 3000 years of written history and great freedom fights including King Kulachandra and large numbers of soldiers who refused to seek an apology and decided to spend their last days at Andaman Nicobar island.

In honour of King Kulachandra, nobles and soldiers who were imprisoned, Mt Harriet has been renamed as Mt Manipur at Andaman Nicobar, he said.

Moirang was the first place in the country where the tricolour was unfurled for the first time by the Indian National Army (INA) which liberated the territory from the British.

To honour the freedom fighters a 165 ft high national flag, the highest in the northeast was unfurled before Shah addressed the meeting.

To honour the great freedom fighters led by INA a memorial complex will now be seen at Moirang.

He said some universities should conduct research regarding the origin of Polo (Sagol Kangjei) in Manipur and the inauguration of a 122 feet Marjing polo statue at the Marjing Polo Complex will surely take the legacy forward and inspire more youngsters toward the game.

To protect the citizens of Manipur it was decided to implement Inner Line Permit and for Rs 8016 cr National Sports University is established in Manipur, he said.

To honour the great sportspersons like Mirabai, Mary Kom an Olympian park was also inaugurated he added.

The government is helping farmers, by providing health care facilities. During As of now, 17 women’s markets have been opened at Rs 130 crore, he said.

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