Syed Altaf Bukhari’s politics is based on truth

Written by Riyaz Badhana

“Truth” has always had a special connection with politics. It does not necessarily have to be seen as a political virtue, the thought of truth has made a high level political analysis of the social and historical context of truth telling, in our past politics has been based on lies and false identities. Syed Altaf Bukhari’s politics is based on truth. His aim is to advance the social and cultural explanations of the role of truth in politics. His focus is on the politics of enlightenment.The great man is the one in whose company no one feel inferior, the man expresses his presence with his personality. A person’s personality is determined by his or her speech and mannerisms. There are different types of leadership in this world and the best level of these types is the level of impressive leadership that is possible with an impressive personality. ۔ Inspiring leadership is made up of influential personalities. The most important aspect of a person’s personality is his thinking and if the thinking is positive then the personality is also positive. If the thinking is negative then the personality is also negative. If there is no seed of thought, then despite being the best human being, the servant is zero.

Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari is a politician belonging to the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory and the President of Apni party in Jammu and Kashmir. He was a member of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly from the Amira Kadal constituency of the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party. Bukhari remained the Minister of Education and was later given the additional charge of Finance. About a year after he was expelled from PDP, he formed his own party in the name of Apni Party on March 8, 2020. Most of the former ministers joined the party and in a very short period of time, the party strengthened its roots in the cities and villages of Jammu and Kashmir.

The development of any nation depends on its leadership. Without which the hope of development can only be a dream. Allah Almighty has placed certain qualities and abilities in every human being. Someone has the ability to be an eloquent and eloquent orator. Someone has the ability to be a good physician, then someone has the ability to be a leader. Not every person possesses the same qualities. It is a well-established fact that in order to be successful in any field, it is necessary for a person to be aware of the qualities or abilities present within him. Half of the failure of the people in our society today is to waste time in different walks of life without recognizing their potential. Many people are working in the field against their potential, a clear example of which is our leaders. Now it is not that we do not have any leader. The unfortunate of the Kashmiri nation has the so-called leader, but we are deprived of the leadership of those who have real comprehensive features. Due to which the nation is also suffering from anarchy today. It is caught up in linguistic, religious, national and regional prejudices.
It should be noted that for the last 70 years, the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the youth, have received nothing but deception from the politics of fraud, which needs to be eradicated. Is.
As far as we have seen, the political parties of Jammu and Kashmir have been stirring up emotions only for the fulfillment of their electoral objectives and this kind of politics has greatly affected the social, economic and political stability in Jammu and Kashmir.
In the past, the compromises made by local political parties have not only cost the people dearly, but also started a cycle of violence and insecurity. And “as a result of such dirty politics, not only precious lives have been lost but also huge economic losses have been incurred which has proved detrimental to the development and progress of Jammu and Kashmir,” He Has emerged as a “credible political voice” based on transparency, integrity and practical politics.
Every man has his own political ideology but it is a study of topics like politics, freedom, justice, property, rights, law and order. We often talk or write a lot about any person or person without research. Before saying or writing anything about any person or person, it is important that you do research in this regard. You have to think or you have to find the problem which you are going to investigate. I did not know much about Syed Altaf Bukhari but last time when I had the opportunity to meet him. There was a minute’s talk and in the twenty minute meeting I had the opportunity to examine him. I realized that of course Syed Altaf Bukhari is based on the politics of truth. Every time his phone rang he should have talked to everyone. Was it special or ordinary and I liked his style because ethics has a deep connection with politics and he is a successful politician in today’s modern age. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program
The job of the people is to choose one of the many according to their will and when you have chosen it, your job is done, then the work of your chosen leader begins. Now it depends on his experience, wisdom, understanding and his priorities whether he solves the problems facing you and the state or adds to them. You are either praying for him or you are mourning your decision.

A very interesting observation has been repeated in our seventy year history. We all work with great understanding in all the big and small matters of our lives and if you and I buy anything everyday then we thoroughly investigate it.
It is carefully inspected, thoroughly groomed and purchased after its satisfaction. Even if we buy medicine, we must see its validity, if we establish a relationship with someone, we get complete information about it, we consult with our relatives and we also issue Istikharah, but sorry, we are the best of our lives. When it comes to choosing the right leader, they do not make any decision, ie their character, intelligence, understanding, intellect, ability to make decisions, honesty, integrity, experience are not given equal importance and We always give the opportunity to the Sheikh and Mufti family to rule who have always fought for the rights of Kashmiris for their personal and political interests. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are still politically immature, especially in the rural areas. The people who live in me who soon fall into the trap laid by them and become slaves forever. Khari or anyone else who joins the National Conference or a political party other than the PDP will be criticized for coming to terms with the Center, but before you think about it, you must think that Now, what is left for you to do here? The real merchants you are still relying on are the same. Well, this is your own ideology, but as far as the personality of Syed Altaf Bukhari is concerned and what I think of him. He has drawn up a blueprint for the welfare and development of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and adheres to the principle of co-operation. He has created it in himself and he is self-trained. He has patience, has the ability to think, has the habit of making correct and timely decisions, knows how to form opinions on events, to create enthusiasm in people and to control them. Ability, honesty and integrity in all situations, tolerance, the habit of working hard without compensation, taking care of expediency and the delicacy of the occasion. Works in front of you, has a habit of listening more than speaking, studying the details, perseverance, ability to withstand criticism without hesitation, moderation in food and drink and all other things, loyalty to those who need it. To be faithful, to be honest with those who deserve it, to never shy away from it or to avoid it, they have a positive attitude, full of enthusiasm, honesty and responsibility in everything they do. Demonstrating is a habit that comes in handy at every step of the way and the way to choose a leader should be to have all these qualities.

Source: Written by Riyaz Badhana

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