Library and information Science has emerged as the topmost ranked and demanded professional programmes for the best career opportunities for the youths: Dr. Kamlesh Meena

These programmes are meant for sensitive library and information professionals at grass root levels. It gives an opportunity to those who wish to work in the Library and Information science sectors

Srinagar, May 14 :Indira Gandhi National Open University, IGNOU Regional Center Srinagar first time organized an induction meeting for exclusively professionals, skilled based programmes and Job oriented academic programmes of IGNOU in different academic sessions, this induction meeting was only for Library and information science students who took the admission in Certificate in library science (CLIS), bachelor in library and information science (BLIS), Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking (PGDLAN) and Masters in Library and information Science (MLIS) academic programmes in January 2022 Session.

IGNOU Regional Center Srinagar Kashmir, Regional Director Dr. Kamlesh Meena briefed the general objectives of these programs are to contribute to building of professional human resources to meet the varied demands for information handling in Libraries and information centers in the country.

The purpose of the Induction Meeting was to familiarize and aware the newly enrolled Learners of IGNOU about their academic programs, so that it will be convenient for them to pursue without any obstacles and problems. IGNOU Regional Center Srinagar is one of the top most Regional Center where maximum admissions are being taken in these professionals and very demandable programmes nowadays, the concept of enhancement the enrollment number in these professional programmes of IGNOU is to meet out the demands in markets and to prepare more skilled professionals to fulfill the requirement of new job avenues. The programme in-charge of this programme study center (PSC) Prof. Shabir Ahmad Ganie appreciate this initiative taken by RC Srinagar and he accepted that first time this kind of orientation cum induction and get to gather programme for IGNOU learners are being organized by the Regional Center Srinagar that would be beneficial for the IGNOU learners to understand the essential components and academic activities of these programmes.

On this occasion Regional Director Dr. Kamlesh Meena give a wide power point presentation about Indira Gandhi National Open University by enlightening the main features, objectives and mandate of the University specially focused the role of IGNOU in Kashmir valley is commendable for imparting Higher Education opportunities at door steps with the view of democratize of Higher Education to all segment of societies without any demographical, social, gender, caste, color, creeds, and linguistic barriers. Dr. Meena said the role of IGNOU in higher education is very inevitable and unforgettable, IGNOU changes the lives of millions of people across the nation by transforming the benefits of higher education with the core value of openness, affordability, flexibility, exclusiveness, lifelong learning process and excellence.

College teacher association president Prof. Tariq Ashai shared his views with an appreciation for taking such initiatives to orientate not only learners of IGNOU but also academic counsellors, part time staff and aspirants of Higher Education.

Regional Director Dr. Kamlesh Meena summarized the objectivity of the programmes of Library and Information Sciences in our day to day lives. Dr. Meena High lightened the opportunities of such programmes at the present era by pointing out the role and achievements of these, Reanalyze user’s needs and provide the information they need, Coordinate programs such as story telling for children, and literacy skills and book talks for adults. There is a lot of scope for a career in library science and the person in this field can find employment opportunities in the following areas, Publicize services Public/Government libraries Universities/colleges/schools and other academic institutions News agencies and organizations Private organizations and special libraries Foreign embassies.

Dr. Kamlesh Meena said that our nation is moving towards a knowledge society with proliferation of learning and research institutes. The demand and importance of library science is growing rapidly and Indira Gandhi National Open University one of the leading higher education institution in India is producing number of skilled trainers in the field of Library and information Science through Open Distance Learning Mode (ODL) and nowadays consequently, job opportunities for librarians are on the upswing. Nevertheless, with the advent of information technology and computers the traditional concept is being redesigned to include not only books and other printed materials but also new tools of information like CD-ROM, internet, virtual libraries etc.

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