IGNOU Regional Centre Srinagar effectively availing the social media services to disseminate the information about IGNOU Academic activities in Kashmir Valley: Dr. Meena

On this occasion Regional Director IGNOU RC Srinagar enlightened on prospective plans, initiatives and new step for July 2022 session also so that maximum benefits can be transferred to the common masses and empower through Higher Education opportunities of IGNOU: Dr. Meena


Srinagar, May 9 :Indira Gandhi National Open University, IGNOU Regional Centre Srinagar has organized an induction meeting for the learners enrolled in January 2022 session. The aim and objective of the meeting was to inform the learners about their pursuing programmes related to the academic activities in their respective disciplines and subjects. In the ODL system the induction meeting is an important component to understand the academic platforms, student support services and online academic facilities for the enrolled learners so that they can complete their academic programmes in time and proper way. The induction meeting was conducted at SC-1209 S.P. College, Srinagar which was held at 12:00 Noon at the auditorium Hall of S.P. College on 8th May, 2022. The meeting was convened by Regional Director, Regional Centre Srinagar Dr. Kamlesh Meena.

The meeting was attended by Guest of Honour Prof. Tariq Ashai, President College Teachers Association, Coordinator SC-1209 Prof. Sadiq Majeed, Assistant Coordinator Farooq Ahmad. The Coordinator SC-1209 Prof. Sadiq Majeed has formally welcomed the Regional Director and praised for organizing such programmes which are literary meaningful and result oriented efforts made by Dr. Kamlesh Meena for betterment of the learner community. The induction programme was started by Regional Director Dr. Kamlesh Meena through power point presentation and with deliberation by enlightening the basic information which is required for the learners to pursue their various programmes offered by IGNOU through Regional Centre Srinagar. In the meeting Dr. Kamlesh Meena spoke about the submission date of assignments, examination forms, projects and practical components of related programmes.

Regional Director made familiar to the learners about the social media services availed by Regional Centre Srinagar for the effective student support services and redressal of grievances pertains to enrolled and prospective learners through getting benefits in terms of multiple information, academic activities and counseling services in time and promptly. The purpose of launching Whatsapp service in Kashmir Valley is to give an additional advantage and better student support services to our enrolled learners which are the inhabitants of far flung areas. Whatsapp service will be proactive in providing assistance, feedback, help and guidance to the aspirants, learners and prospective learners. This initiative will enhance more efficiently, effectively and better the student support services to provide immediate response and redressal of grievances of the learners. Moreover, Regional Centre Srinagar is already having Facebook, twitter, igram, telegram and land line number viz 0194-2953017 for the assistance and student support services to the learners of IGNOU Regional Centre Srinagar.

The learners have been informed about the various facilities provided by IGNOU like eGyankosh, e-resources, Gyandarshan, Gyanvani, SWAYAMPRABHA, etc. The induction meeting has provided the space for a question hour session for learners to raise their queries, questions, and clarify their doubts about the pursuing programmes. This meeting was attended by a huge number of learners, academic counsellors, dignitaries and other participants. In addition on the same induction meeting day the Regional Director Dr. Kamlesh Meena has arranged the distribution of Study Material to all learners who participated in the Induction meeting. After the completion induction programme the learners have been advised to visit Regional Centre Srinagar for collection of study material. A satisfactory number of learners have visited Regional Centre Srinagar on the same day and received the Study Material from the office of Regional Centre Srinagar even on National Holidays. This induction meeting remained satisfactory from the side of the organizer and participants of the Induction meet.

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