Waqf Encroachers will face Bulldozers soon. Waqf to build Cancer Hospital in J&K: Dr Darakhshan Andrabi

One Day Waqf Convention held at Srinagar today

Srinagar, May 7 :One day Waqf Convention was held today at Srinagar which was presided over by Chairperson of J&K Waqf Board Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. Members of the Board Dr Ghulam Nabi Haleem & Syed Mohammad Hussain were also present. Chief Executive Officer of J&K Waqf Board Mufti Fareed, all Administrators of Waqf managed shrines of Kashmir valley & the staff of Waqf from Srinagar District was present.  Zubair Ahmad, JKAS presented the detailed report of the present working system in Waqf on which detailed deliberations took place.

Waqf Board Members Dr Haleem and Syed Mohammad Hussain spoke on the occasion and requested the staff and the management to be prepared for creating a new working system in Waqf in J&K based on the spirit of service and sacrifice. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi sketched a roadmap for the new working order in the Waqf Board.

“Serving in Waqf means serving Allah and hence transparency, dedication & honesty need to govern our day to day working.  We have to rebuild our shattered system and diversify the use of assets and properties to enhance the revenues so that new initiatives are undertaken without any delay,” said Dr Andrabi.

She warned all those who have encroached Waqf land and erected illegal structures on it. She said that soon we will be initiating a demolition drive throughout J&K to restore the proprietorship of the Waqf land and assets after removing the illegal occupation of encroachers.

“The encroachers of Waqf land and assets will face Bulldozers soon. This is a warning to all encroachers served through media that they should come to us and surrender their right of illegal occupation or otherwise they will have to face the wrath of Bulldozers soon,” said Dr Darakhshan. She set a target to the staff of enhancing the revenues of Waqf so that new projects are taken up.

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi discussed measures to ensure transparency of the money donated by people at shrines and said that soon will have a fool –proof system wherein all  the complaints of the people that fund-transparency is lacking are addressed completely.

“Soon we will shift to an online system of donations and different online transaction facilities at all shrines will be made available for the people. We will built a Cancer Hospital in J&K soon,” said Dr Andrabi


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