Beopar Mandal Poonch vows to promote CAB among masses

Decides to follow ‘No Mask No Sale’ rule to contain 3rd Wave

Poonch, Jan 13: To raise awareness among the stakeholders, Beopar Mandal Poonch today  took a pledge  with the message- wear mask, Follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour, Maintain hand Hygiene, avoid crowding in market.

On the occasion, President Beopar Mandal, Rajeev Tandon educated the masses regarding COVID Appropriate Behaviour & highlighted the importance of safety measures for curbing  the spread of Covid-19.

He added that Beopar Mandal has decided to follow “No Mask No Sale” rule to deny sale of commodities to customers coming to shops without a mask.

In this regard, he requested the business establishment owners to ensure that those visiting their shops without face masks will not be provided required materials.

President Beopar Mandal advised the public as well as shopkeepers and customers to strictly adhere to the SOPs and follow Covid appropriate behaviour.

Members Beopar Mandal, Dr. Sukhvinder Singh and Nishu Gupta  also appealed the public to wash their hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer and avoid visiting crowded places.

Members of Beopar Mandal also distributed Masks and sanitizers among the public in market areas and made them aware about the seriousness of this disease.

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