Kashmir Business Council (The Business Fraternity) Demands Review Of Provisions against GST, fuel price hike, e-way bill

Srinagar,01 Jan : Kashmir Business Council (The Business Fraternity)/City Traders Guild Srinagar demanding a review of the provisions of the goods and services tax (GST) regime. President KBC – Kashmir Business Council M Altafdar Rajbagh Has demanded abolition of the new E-Way Bill or Scrap of certain rules. It has also urged the LG Administration /Central government to abolish E-Way Bill and track vehicles by using Fast Tag connectivity to E-Invoice and to scrap the penalty on transporters for any time-based Compliance target of transit and make diesel prices uniform across the country.

“KBC – Kashmir Business Council President M Altafdar Rajbagh also demands abolishing the E-way bill as the newly introduced E-invoice is good enough for preventing tax evasion. Vehicles may be tracked by the Government using Fast Tag connectivity to E-invoice. Transporters should not be subject to any penalty by the Government for any time-based compliance target of transit,”And Also M Altafdar Rajbagh Requested
“Diesel prices should be reduced and mechanisms need to be discussed and created with the Transport Industry for future regulation. Diesel prices should be equalized across the length and breadth of the nation,”
In its letter to the prime minister, LG UT J& K, Kashmir Business Council(The Business Council) called for setting up of a “special working group” at the central level comprising senior officials,Kashmir Business Council /City Traders Guild and Other Trade representatives and independent tax experts to review the GST structure and make recommendations to the government. It also suggested that a “District GST working Group” may be constituted in each district to monitor smooth GST implementation and to take steps for widening of tax base and augmentation of revenue

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